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Youth-In-Action, a youth led program under the supervision of Let’s Thrive Baltimore.

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

No less than 15 teenage boys and girls meet every Saturday and Monday at Let’s Thrive Baltimore community center in Sandtown-Winchester community. During these weekly after school club sessions the youth

•Plant trees


•Clean up trash

•Peace Walks

•Learn Trades

Landscaping, painting, architecture, computer skills, speaking engagements, podcast-editing tools, entrepreneurship, workforce development and much more.

•Mondays are now virtual youth-led discussions examples of topics discussed are:

Human Trafficking, Teen Dating Violence,

Police Reform, Mental Health, Storm-Water-Management also, facts and myths surrounding COVID-19. Lets Thrive Baltimore youth have interviewed current and previous Mayor, the Poloce Commissioner, City Councilman and have been featured in dozens of media reports.

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Lisa Molock
Lisa Molock
Jan 04, 2021

The truth

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