No One Left Unhelped is now Let's Thrive Baltimore.

It’s a new day at No One Left Unhelped. We were founded in 2016 as a small community organization to help Baltimore youth and families who had been impacted by gun violence. We began with therapeutic programs for families and service days for our young people, utilizing CPTED-Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design that allows them to be part of meaningful change in Baltimore.

In the past four years, we have grown exponentially. We now run projects including mentoring, job programs, and support groups for our youth; financial literacy, career consulting, and therapeutic programs for families; housing, rental, and cash assistance for survivors of violence; and cleaning and greening projects in the city. We began serving 1,000 meals a day in Baltimore when the COVID-19 outbreak began and have secured funding to continue that service until September 1, 2020. We have also recently launched programs on police reform and stopping human trafficking.

We have recruited a professional board that includes community members, our supporters, and most importantly, youth voices who are the heart of our programs.

In light of our expanded mission and outreach, we’ve chosen a new name to reflect these changes: Let’s Thrive Baltimore: Youth in Action. This name illustrates our vision—a city where we don’t just survive, we prosper.


Our mission is to provide overall community support, strategies, and awareness for families impacted by trauma in Baltimore


Let' Thrive Baltimore envisions a City where youth and families are prospering.


Diversity- it is important that our team, volunteers, and community partners are from diverse backgrounds, offering unique perspectives and approaches to our work.

Equity: We advocate for equity in healthcare, education, housing, and all other areas for our youth and families of color.

Inclusion: We highly value the unique voices of our youth, families, and volunteers in every aspect of our work, from decision-making to program implementation.



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