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DIY Diapers No Cutting No sewing save during Covid19.

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

1. Use a shirt that is all cotton. Cotton is more absorbent than most of the synthetic fibers, also you can use a filter ex. Inside of maxi-pad or cotton fiber, cotton makes a better material to use for a cloth diaper.

  • Use 1 short sleeve or three-quarter-length sleeve for a best result. A three-quarter length sleeve can make it easier to pin a diaper on larger kids, but could be more material than you need for a smaller child.

  • Utilize a size based on the size of your baby. A toddler may need a large or extra-large shirt, but an infant would mostly need a small one depending on their size.


2. Lay your shirt flat down. You can do this on the floor or on a table for best results

(any flat surface will due). Make sure the sleeves are on the top facing away from where You are sitting or standing as seen in the demonstration above.


3. Flip one side of the shirt over as seen in tne image above. The bottom of the shirt should be folded over approx a third of the way. Make sure the seam where the sleeve meets the body of the shirt is just below the center of the neckline. Make sure the sleeve of the shirt is pointed outward.


4. Fold the other side of the shirt over.This side must be identical to the fold made on the other side, so the shirt is folded into thirds. Make sure to keep the sleeve pointed outwards. Now you should see a cross or t-shape.


5. Fold top of shirt down where the collar is located. Bring this part of the shirt extending above sleeves and down over the sleeves. The upper part of the lowercase "t" shaped shirt must be folded all the way over, now you are creating a capital "T" shape. You should see a capital T-shaped shirt as in the image above. Do you see it? The shirt went from a lowercase t into a capital T. Just amazing. Almost done


6. Make sure the bottom of the shirt is in half. Take the bottom portion of the shirt and pull it up to the bottom of the sleeve line. Assuring, you are making a fold that shortens the length of the shirt by half. You should still have a capital "T" shape, but it will be a shorter in length capital T shape.

7. Wrap your homemade diaper around your cute baby. Sit your baby on the part of the shirt that begins just below the sleeves. Pull up the bottom portion of the diaper and pull it over the front of your baby, now wrap the sleeves around the back and to the front. Make sure the sleeves to the front using diaper pins (you may be able to use velcro be sure velcro is safe for babies to use. Place a diaper cover over the DIY diaper

to prevent frequent changing. Both are machine washable.


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