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Children of Murdered Parents Event

September 29th 2018 3:00Pm-7:00Pm at 1500 Harlem Ave Baltimore Md. 21217

Children who have a parent(s) that has been murdered have an opportunity to express to the world how their lives has been impacted since the day their parent were murdered. If you are interested in performing by siting a poem, dancing, singing, words of encouragement, a prayer or just screaming to the top of your lungs we are here to listen and you can participate by texting name of child/children and name of deceased parent(s) to 443-625-7720 or going to our Facebook page and click going to events and Direct Message the names of children and deceased parent(s) here is a link to our page follow and click on events. All Children will receive a personalized plaque and a gift. Counselors will be available on site for families if needed.

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