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Baltimore Non-Profit Expands its Mission, Adopts New Name

No One Left Unhelped is now Let’s Thrive Baltimore.

(Baltimore, MD)—A local non-profit has expanded its mission to include police reform, stopping human trafficking, emergency meals for those affected by the pandemic, and a host of other services. The organization, originally named “No One Left Unhelped” has rebranded as “Let’s Thrive Baltimore: Youth in Action” to reflect this growing mission.

Let’s Thrive Baltimore has received grants from a national organization to host youth listening sessions to address police brutality and racism. Youth leaders will meet with Mayor Jack Young today via zoom to share their ideas for better policing in the city.

Founded in 2016 as a small community organization to help Baltimore youth and families who had been impacted by gun violence, Let’s Thrive Baltimore has grown exponentially. The organization now runs projects including youth mentoring, job programs, and support groups for Baltimore youth; financial literacy, job search, and therapeutic programs for families; housing, rental, and cash assistance for survivors of violence; and cleaning and greening projects in the city. The organization began serving 1,000 meals a day in Baltimore when the COVID-19 outbreak began and has secured funding to continue that service until September 1, 2020.

“We founded this organization because we came from Baltimore and we know how it is to grow up needing positive adults to guide us,” said Lisa Molock, Let’s Thrive Baltimore’s chief executive director. “I’m so inspired by the youth in this program. They are the future of Baltimore and because I know them, I know that future is bright.”

“This new name—Let’s Thrive Baltimore—reflects our vision and our call to action,” Molock continued. “This city and the youth who live here will thrive. Together, we will see to it.”

“I’ve lost family members to violence in Baltimore, and being involved in Let’s Thrive Baltimore has given me a way to make our community better,” said Quintrell Resse, a youth ambassador for the organization. “I just want to help Baltimore. I want kids younger than me not to have to face the same pain I have.”

Reese was recently honored by the Points of Light Foundation for his contributions to the Baltimore community.


Let's Thrive Baltimore envisions a Baltimore that is thriving for youth and families. We provide overall community support, strategies, and awareness for families impacted by trauma in Baltimore. Visit us online at

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