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2000 Back Packs for 2000 millenniums

NOLU-No One Left Unhelped, Moms Demand Action & OG center collected 2000 Back Packs for children living in underserved communities. The Back Packs are filled with school supplies and will be distributed to the children on August 31st at Rash Field Par. The event is Titled Each One Help One.

This is the second event NOLU had and more than quadrupled the amount of Back Packs they gave away last year.

Moms Demand Action donated more than 300 Back Packs helped raise almost $2000 and provided a grant to support the cause . Moms Demand are sending volunteers to help with the cause.

Tricey Stewart new partner of No One Left Unhelped also a Director for The OG Center and owner of Set It Off Beauty Salon collected a large amount of school supplies, Back Packs and also donated.

Sisters Saving The City is a partner in this event and allowed the event to use their facility as a drop spot and have solicited donations to support the cause.

The 3 organizations continue to collect donations to offer the opportunity to more children. They have over exceeded their own expectations and now have raised the count to 2100 children receiving assistance with more children waiting to be selected.

This event includes special performances, free food, music, games and prizes.

We will have to see how manny Children will benefit next year.

10,000 maybe?

if you want to support this cause or many other wide endeavors NOLU provide please visit the donation page at Https://

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